Welcome to the World of Cognitive Computing


We'd like to welcome you to Scianta Analytics.  We're not your typical "Business Intelligence" or "Analytics" company.  In the era of Big Data, traditional approaches to business intelligence simply can't deliver significant insight from huge amounts of data.  And you don't want to get us started on the term "analytics".  Nearly every web site and iPhone app claims to deliver some sort of "analytics".

What We Do


Scianta Analytics delivers Deep Insight™ into the enterprise using our proprietary Extreme Analytics™ tools. Scianta Analytics' proprietary, fuzzy-logic-based, adaptive learning systems can derive human-like insight from data sets that are far too large and complicated for humans to cope with efficiently. Scianta's Extreme Analytics™ tools can deliver deep and important insight from extraordinarily large and complicated data sets...and they deliver insight in N dimensions, including time and periodicity.